Unshuffled Deck


unshuffled-cardsIf you have ever seen Paul perform his classic routine UNSHUFFLED you know the power this routine can have on an audience. Of course in addition to requiring a perfect Faro Shuffle you also have to write precisely on the side of a deck. While Paul can’t do the Faro for you he can provide you with a custom handwritten deck that reads UNSHUFFLED & EIGHT OF HEARTS and looks perfect. This is the Unshuffled Deck only and the instructions for the routine are in the book Steel & Silver and on Volume #3 of the Video and DVD series. (Red backed PHOENIX DECK cards are used.)

NOTE:  This deck is sold only as a replacement deck for magicians who already know how to perform UNSHUFFLED.  This deck comes with NO Instructions, just the Deck.

$20 plus shipping and handling