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On this website you will also find Paul Gertner's current full line of products including, BITE ME and HEARTBREAKER. Just visit Paul's Magic Shop.

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In this section you will find out about Paul's new routines in the form of tricks, books and DVD's. Plus, where Paul is performing his next Magic Show.

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If you happened upon this site while you were searching for Corporate Magic or Entertainment, this area will connect you with my corporate website.

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My new site is designed for magicians and magic enthusiasts from around the world. Why create a special site just for the magic world? The answer is quite simple. I have been very fortunate to make a good living as a professional magician for the past 40 years. Over those years I have created quite a backlog of routines, ideas and presentations that have used magic to deliver a corporate message for over 500 clients at trade shows and sales meetings around the world.

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Paul Appears on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Paul Gertner performed his classic card routine UNSHUFFLED on Penn & Teller Fool us during the 2016 season on the CW Network. He actually went on the show and performed a trick that Penn & Teller already knew the secret to. And Yes He STILL Fooled them. See the surprise finish that Fooled two of […]